Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Collections Moment:  Opalescent White Glass Bowl

Category of Object:  Glass tableware looks like ceramic

Brief description of Category:  Sargent House Museum has approximately 33 pieces of “early American period” glassware in its collections.  The punch bowl has a nearly identical bowl in the Winterthur Museum in Delaware.  See accession file #315 for reference. 

Description of Object:  3 7/8” H, 8” diameter, opalescent white glass handpainted floral, footed “punch” bowl. 

Personal comments on why presenter chose object or thinks it is important:  I choose this object for its special, outstanding, visual attractiveness.  Outstanding, hand painted, floral decorations both inside and outside.  This is a very special piece of early glass in quality and condition.  I consider it a very elegant example of fine tableware and a rare example, which has been given to the Sargent House Museum. 

Presented by Christina D. Rafter, Sargent House Museum Board member, June 18, 2015

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