Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Blog Series: "Remembering the Past, Building the Future"

Spring is the time of new beginnings, and the Sargent House Museum is inaugurating a new blog series celebrating the conservation of our building, preservation of our collections, our community outreach and our extension of women's history in the great tradition of Judith Sargent Murray.  Each week we will share one post, rotating between Collections, Construction, Women’s History/Judith Sargent Murray, and a catch-all of Events/Volunteers/What’s New.

We're excited to share what goes on behind the scenes here at the Museum: the preservation work in our basement, the rejuvenation of our gardens, the work of our volunteers and interns, and more of our exciting upcoming initiatives.

We hope that you will come along for the journey, and contact us if you have something to share.

And now, our first stop: some antique photos of the property to remember our past.

From the late 19th-century, a photo of the neighboring "Chandler House" on Middle Street,
with Sargent House at the right.  Note the (now removed) fireplace and entry porch where visitors enter today.

Here is another view of Sargent House from the Middle Street. We can see more (now removed) additions on the rear and west side of the building. There was once a brick wall along the street as well.

Here's a better view of the Middle Street fa├žade as it was. Again, an additional chimney,
this one to service a kitchen where our workroom now is.

Moving to the true front of the House, here's a circa 1940s postcard showing Sargent House
with a much smaller Catalpa tree, and no gardens! And, remember that fence?
It came down in the summer of 2012 to much applause.

We look forward to next week's post: an introduction to what's happening during our basement renovation. If you want to learn more about that project, be sure to sign up for our Preservation Workshop, Saving the Sargent House, and Your Own, to be held at 5pm on April 30th. Learn more at our website, just click here

By Kimberlee Cloutier-Blazzard, Development Associate

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